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CASTED: Fracture Clinic


CASTED: Fracture Clinic is the ‘hands-on’ follow-up orthopedics course. This course is intended for family doctors in smaller centres who follow-up patients with fractures and acute MSK injuries.


The  case-based lectures highlight practical and important management principles one needs to know in order to properly manage these patients. Numerous cases will be reviewed to show how these principles inform our approach.


You will learn:

  • which patients are ‘safe’ to treat
  • which need closer attention
  • which are ‘red flags’ that warrant early specialist referral
  • when to follow-up
  • when to x-ray, and
  • when to discontinue immobilization.


Understand when a fracture has healed, when to ‘return to sports’, which complications to watch out for along with strategies to manage them.


For soft tissue injuries, the lectures review which patients need further imaging (U/S, MRI, CT, or bone scan), referral (to ortho and/or physio) or simply need some more time to heal.


The ‘hands-on’ sessions focus on tips and tricks to properly apply and mould fiberglass casts. Cast removal is also practiced. The indications for removable splints are reviewed. Additionally, a detailed review of the MSK physical exam is invaluable in understanding how to ‘put it all together’.


By managing ‘safe’ fractures and injuries locally, you will significantly reduce both health care costs and patient inconvenience – while still ensuring your patient heals well.


CASTED: Fracture Clinic covers adults and peds; upper extremity and lower; fractures and soft-tissue injuries. Numerous clinical pearls are offered; the results are increased understanding of MSK injuries and improved clinical confidence in managing these patients. The course will help you find the balance between over-casting and under-protecting!



This program meets the accreditation criteria for the College of Family Physicians of Canada and has been approved for 17 Mainpro+ credits.


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CASTED: Emergency

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CASTED: Fracture Clinic

Iqaluit, Nunavut

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