“a new gold standard for excellent CME” - Mike Betzner, MD, FRCPC

“An Orthopedic Awakening..... Great CME” - Hugh Hindle, MBBS, CCFP

“Great, practical points - useable on my next shift” - Ryan Deedo, MD, FRCPC

“Perfect balance of lectures, images and hands-on” - Sharon Reece, MD, CCFP

“CASTED has restored my faith in CME” - Joshua Tepper, MD, CCFP

“Reference course and book on almost every shift” - Drew Delaney, MD, CCFP


“Spectacularly practical course with multiple tips applicable to my daily practice starting tomorrow. Your course was one of the few I’ve ever taken that was chock full of practical, practice changing details.

You’ve created a new gold standard for excellent CME.”

Dr. Mike Betzner, MD, FRCPC
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Physician, Calgary, AB

“I wanted to thank you again for the course (CASTED: Emergency – 2 Day) in Port Alberni last weekend. I saved a middle aged lady’s ankle last night who had a Weber B fracture but ever so slight widened ankle mortise with medial pain. Would have left this in the past but called ortho and he recommended ORIF. Picked it up thanks to you.”

Tim Van Aerde, MD, CCFP (EM)
CASTED: Emergency

Medical Lead ER, West Coast General Hospital, Port Aberni, BC

“Thanks to CASTED I always do a SLR (straight leg raise) on every knee injury now. Picked up a quads tendon rupture the other day because of it.  Just wanted you to know you’re making a real difference through your course!”

Dr. Ed Jin, MD, CCFP(EM)
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Physician, Toronto, ON

“In the few weeks since taking the course, I have found a pelvic avulsion injury, lunate dislocation, and a triqeutral flake fracture – all of which I would have never even considered before taking the course!!”

Dr. Warren Whitsitt, MD, CCFP
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Medicine Resident,  Kingston, ON

“Thanks for a great course this past weekend (CASTED: Emergency – 2 Day)!

I have been hearing great things from past participants so I expected a good course, but it far exceeded my expectations.

It was the perfect balance of focused lectures, images, cases, and hands-on practice.”

Dr. Sharon Reece, MD
CASTED: Emergency

PGY-2, Rural Family Medicine

“I have to admit that my expectations for an Ortho CME course were pretty low, as I have an interest in Ortho and pride myself on my expertise in the area.  Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised at the calibre of content that did a great job of covering the basics, but hitting on some less commonly known pearls. Matt (Distefano) is a great presenter, and I really enjoyed the course. Lots of hands on, lots of interpretation and application of knowledge. Format was great.”

Dr. Rob Woods, MD, MMEd, FRCPC
CASTED: Emergency

Residency Program Director, Saskatoon, SK

“CASTED was more relevant to my training than all my months of ortho training combined”

Dr. David Ng, MD, CCFP(EM)
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Physician, Toronto, ON

“We did a CASTED: Emergency course on Salt Spring Island for our Family Practice doctors who cover the ER. It was a fabulous course and we all feel it has changed our management of fractures considerably. We are actually planning for a second course! Thanks so much!”

Dr. Shane Barclay, MD
CASTED: Emergency

Family Physician, Salt Spring Island, BC

“I’d like to thank you again for your wonderful course (CASTED: Emergency – 1 day) . On my first day back to Urgent Care, I performed the Cunningham technique (with no sedation) to reduce a shoulder dislocation in one minute, designed an ankle stirrup splint and diagnosed a triceps avulsion. I would not have done these without the good understanding that I had from attending your CASTED course.”

Dr. Ashraf Elkarsh, CCFP, MBbch, MRCS(Ed)
CASTED: Emergency

Urgent Care Physician, Parksville, BC

“I took your great course (CASTED: Emergency – 1 day) in Whistler in September 2015. I continue to reference your course and textbook on almost every shift and I routinely promote the course to my colleagues because it has absolutely changed my practice.”

Dr. Drew Delany, MD, CCFP
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Medicine Resident, Nanaimo BC

“It’s now a year since I took the CASTED course, and every shift I realize again what a great course it is.

My CASTED manual (with many notes scribbled in the margins from the course itself) is one of my most reached-for ED reference books.

Thanks for putting together such an awesome course!”

Dr. Kate MacKeracher, MD, CCFP
CASTED: Emergency

Rural GP

“I used the wrist surface anatomy my very first day back in the clinic. Tenderness over the lunate, and I added a ‘clenched fist’ view for the first time ever.

Great to be able to go beyond ‘soft tissue injury’!”

Dr. Patricia Craig, MD, FCFP
CASTED: Primary Care

Family Physician, New Glasgow, NS

“An Orthopedic Awakening….. Great CME ….. covers pretty much all the orthopedics needed to work in a rural or urban ED. It’s just what CME should be; an entertaining, fast-paced mix of theory and hands-on practice. It’s a whirlwind tour of fractures, dislocations, common and not so common (who knew that you could fracture the hook of the hamate?) – and you end up with plaster up to your elbows!”     (Note: Full review at www.practicaldoc.ca)

(Followed by this email 2 weeks later)

‘Just have to tell you that I diagnosed my first hook of the hamate fracture this weekend. Normal x-ray including ‘hook of the hamate’ view, but correct mechanism and tender exactly where you showed us. CT confirmed the fracture which had been missed on initial presentation. Thanks CASTED!’

Dr. Hugh Hindle, MBBS, CCFP
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Physician, Red Deer, AB

“Excellent, practical advice. Excellent speaker with excellent knowledge base! Definitely an asset to our profession and would highly recommend this course to any emerg doctor!”

Dr. Paul Parks, MD, FRCPC
CASTED: Emergency

Chief, Emergency Department, Medicine Hat General Hospital

“So far you have the gold medal for the very best roadshow given in Whitehorse!”

Dr. Marc Pronovost, MD, CCFP(EM)
CASTED: Fracture Clinic

Chief, Emergency Department, Whitehorse General Hospital

“Great, practical points that are useable immediately on my next shift. Possibly the best CME course I have taken.”

Dr. Ryan Deedo, MD, FRCPC
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Physician, Calgary, AB

“CASTED has restored my faith in CME”

Dr. Joshua Tepper, MD, CCFP
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Physician, Toronto, ON

“Thank you for the excellent course in Whistler.  I learned so much and have been using the tips, techniques, and book a ton in both the office and the ED.  I’ve also been raving about the course to my colleagues and the students/residents I’ve worked with. I really appreciate the hands on and practical info you both shared!”

“P.S. – your trick for reducing a PIP dislocation worked like a charm yesterday!”

Dr. Jyoti Seshia, MD, CCFP
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Physician, Prince George, BC

“Just wanted to let you know that after taking the CASTED course I had a few Colles’ fractures which I beautifully reduced! Thanks for taking the time to explain the reduction technique!”

Dr. Meera Jayarajan, MD, CCFP(EM)
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Physician, Toronto, ON

“Dr. Sayal and his colleagues gave an excellent full day presentation ranging from seminar style review of fractures to hands on practice of immobilization techniques. The course was so well received that we had to bring them back 6 months later for the remainder of the physician group. The evaluations for the course were nothing short of excellent.

The CASTED team did the set up and clean up themselves and I would definitely say (as an organizer of other CME events) that this was one of the easiest educational sessions that I have arranged, and one of the more useful practical courses an emergency department could provide for their staff.”

Dr. Sandy Tse, MD, FRCP(C)

Peds EM Program Director, CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario), Ottawa, ON

“We were very fortunate to bring the CASTED Roadshow to our hospital. I have brought many different courses to our docs but never have they raved so much about a course. It is one of the few courses that has changed my practice in a profound way. We revamped our entire cast room based on your principles. The hands-on was fantastic and the speakers amazing. In a world where ‘common sense ain’t so common’, this course was all common sense.”

Dr. Dawn Reid, MD, CCFP(EM)
CASTED: Emergency

Education Co-ordinator, Ross Memorial Hospital, Lindsay, ON

“I spend a lot of money on courses and programs with the intent of investing in a few pearls…. this is one of the few courses where the pearls were being ‘thrown all over the place’. Everything I learned is already being applied in more practical ways than I would have imagined.”

Dr. Tibor Harmathy, MD, CCFP
CASTED: Emergency

Emergency Physician, Orillia, ON

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